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The Enrollment Lottery is now completed.
 We are continuing to accept Letters of Intent for all grades,
  and children will be added to wait lists, first come, first served.
Please visit the Enrollment Process page for more information.
Middle School Forensics Club
In Forensics club, students focus on developing their acting, speech, and performance skills. Each member has the opportunity to compete against other students from other schools in an event of his or her choosing. Forensics helps develop skills that are important for everyone, and the best part is, we have a blast while doing it!
Tournament #3 / Location Change!

The next Forensics Tournament will be held on February 4 at the ​​Imagine Classical Academy, 6464 Peterson Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80923.
December 10th Tournament:: NEED VOLUNTEERS
Hi everyone. Some of you may have seen my email about the tournament this weekend, but for those of you who haven't, the first tournament is on Saturday, December 10th at Woodland Park Middle School. I need everyone to be there by 7:30 for check in. I know it's early and far, but I will bring donuts for everyone. :) I NEED parents to volunteer. I have one table parent until about 12pm, but I'd like at least one more. I also need at least two judges. They can be adults or high schoolers who are over 15. PLEASE let me know if you can help out. If I don't have the volunteers I need, we will not be able to go to competition.

I need students to tell me in which event(s) they are participating. You can either email me (mohorsiegal12@gmail.com), call me (719-464-8556), or tell me in person on by tomorrow.

Let me know if anyone has any questions!
Hey guys! Mary here. So sorry I had to cancel practice tonight! From now on it should be regular. I'd like to encourage everyone to think more about which event they'd like to do this year, and once you do that, start thinking about scripts/pieces. Remember, the best pieces are NOT designated Forensics scripts. They are excerpts or adaptations of books, movies, poems, or even stand-up comedians (I'm looking at you Xander :) ). I am going to order some new scripts soon, but I'd like you to think about what you could do that isn't just a Forensics script. Call, email, or talk to me if you have questions.

PARENTS:: I NEED more volunteers, please please please. Right now, I have no parent coming in to help me on Tuesdays, which according to school rules is not even allowed. If I am going to be able to continue offering this club two days a week for your students, I need help. The pay is low (nonexistent), but the rewards are many. Please and thank you!! :)
Due to a schedule conflict, MS Forensics practice has been cancelled today.
Hello my favorite Forensics team! I had many people approach me on Wednesday telling me that they had scheduling conflicts on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so for now, we are going to have practices on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. You do not have to come to both meetings every week, though I encourage you to participate as much as you can. Our next practice will be next WEDNESDAY, not Tuesday, and we will just have the one practice next week. After that, we should be able to start regular twice-a-week practices. If you cannot make it to either practice during the week, please let me know.

Parents: I am looking for as many parent volunteers as I can to help out. In past years, we've had several amazing parent volunteers, and I am looking forward to expanding our pool of helpers. I am hoping to have at least two more parents who are able to help out after school at practices. I would also like to have as many helpers on tournament days, which are all-day long events on Saturdays. Since it's such a long day, I like to have as many people as possible willing to help out for part of the day so that everyone who volunteers can take a short shift and doesn't have to be there the whole ten hours. I will provide more detailed information about that later in the season. Please let me know if you are interested in volunteering for either of these positions.
Also, the school has asked me to remind you to please pick up your student at 4:45, so that the front desk staff can go home on time. Thanks so much for your cooperation! I look forward to a great year with all of you!

Students: Next week's practice will be mostly mixers and improv games to try to get to know each other and become a little more comfortable with the group. However, I encourage each of you to think about which event(s) you'd like to participate in. A full list of the different events, as well as each event's particular rules, is provided below, under the "Files" section. If you have any questions about any of the events or any of the possible pieces you'd like to do, feel free to email or Fusion message me. I'd like to remind those of you who are interested in any of the Interpretation events that you are able to draw on books and other published sources for your pieces. Those of you who would like to use a book for your performance should start think about which book and how you'd like to piece it together. I can answer questions you have about that either at practice or over email. Thanks guys! I know this is going to be a wonderful year! I look forward to seeing all of you at next week's practice!

Welcome to Forensics 2016-17!
Hello! My name is Mary O'Hara. I'm so happy to be helping out with this club again this year! We're going to have so much fun! We're going to kick off the year with an informational meeting on September 21st right after school. It is important that everyone who is interested in this club attend, so you can learn what Forensics is all about and so I can get a good idea of how many students want to participate. Just to be clear, that includes students who participated last year. I'm going to need you guys' help to figure out what kind of new materials and scripts I will need this year.

I'm going to be trying to communicate more via the Fusion page, so everyone please be keeping an eye on it for important news and updates.

Thanks to everyone who is interested. I can't wait to meet all of you and, for the Forensics veterans, I can't wait to see you again!
+ O’Hara, Allison
+ O’Hara, Mary
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